Owned and operated by special operations veterans and physicians, Redpoint covers nearly 10 million people worldwide and has evacuated clients from all seven continents.

Redpoint provides the best in travel assistance, evacuation, rescue, travel insurance and outsourced security operations – in every sense of the word.  Our clients benefit from the advice, decisions and solutions that only our medical and security experts with years of experience can provide.

The Redpoint team is comprised of:

  • U.S. and allied special operations veterans, intelligence analysts and security experts including Navy SEALS and Army Rangers
  • Stanford Medicine affiliated physicians, in-house doctors and experts in international medicine
  • Former Chief of Emergency Medicine at Stanford Medicine
  • Paramedics and nurses with urban trauma and international medicine expertise
  • Insurance actuaries and global security experts with dozens of years of experience in theaters around the world

To provide the highest level of service, Redpoint places medical and security experts as close to a client emergency as possible. Our clients include individuals and families, non-profits, academic institutions, athletic organizations and global Fortune 500 companies.  We’re in the business of providing solutions with timely and decisive action. We won’t rest until we resolve any problem.


“Our operations team was thoroughly impressed with the level of service, the level of knowledge and how ‘switched on’ your personnel have been throughout the process. This was one of the most extreme evacuation scenarios one could come across in the locations we visit and your team handled it flawlessly.” 

– Redpoint Client